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Why Cleanbright are a cut above the rest!!


Carpet Cleaning Explained

Truckmount versus Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines

Please see our comparison table below to compare these services and see why Cleanbright invest in the latest possible equipment avalible to give you the best service avalible.

The Machines Suction

Hose Diameters


Water Pressure

Time Taken To
Complete Job

Stain Removal
How much dirt can be removed and how dry are the carpets left? The greater the hose diameter the more air flow you create, resulting in dryer carpets. Increased heat helps to more effectively break down soil, grease and other spots for more complete removal. Increased flow allows more dirt to be washed away. Time is very important to us all. So why waste time when better results can be achieved efficiently.

Rug Doctor or Vax Domestic Machine carpet & upholstery cleaning machine

Hire Machine


40 - 60 CFM

Resulting in over wetting, extremely long drying times, poor results. Yellowing or browning to the carpet fibres due to over wetness, severe re-soiling as detergents are left in the carpet. Risk of shrinkage.


¾ Inch to 1 Inch

 Very restrictive hose that limits airflow resulting in very wet carpets.

Drying Times: 12 – 36 Hours


60º - 90º F
Tap Water Hot


Not enough heat to create any sort of cleaning power.


35 - 50 PSI

0.4 Ltr/Min

Poor water pressure resulting in not enough penetration to clean deep down into the carpet fibres meaning most dirt is left behind.


2 Hours

An average room will take up to 2 hours just to clean the carpet, let alone to set the machine up, fill up with detergent and water and then not forgetting the drive to and from the hire shop. All this just to achieve poor results

Twin Vac Typical Professional Carpet & upholstery Cleaning Machine

Portable Carpet Cleaning Machine


150 – 250 CFM

Improved results over hire machine but still risks of over wetting, Detergent is still left in carpet resulting in re-soiling and the risk of shrinkage is still possible.


150 – 250 CFM

Improved results over hire machine but still risks of over wetting, Detergent is still left in carpet resulting in re-soiling.

Drying Times: 6 - 24 Hours


130º - 190º F

Improved heat but by the time the water has reached the cleaning head the temperature has dramatically dropped.


50 – 200 PSI

1.5 – 2.5 Ltr/Min

Better water pressure but still not enough water flow to fully extract all the detergent residue from the carpet.


1 Hour

 Same sized room but this time around an hour to complete, With this set-up you have the complication of them using your water, your electricity and then there’s that disgusting waste water that goes down your toilet.

Also a key point is the air born mites and dust particles that are drawn up through the vacuum and expelled into your house.

UK`s Most Powerful Truck-Mounted Professional Carpet & upholstery Cleaning Machine as used by cleanbright

Cleanbrights Latest Powerful Truckmounted Machine

880 CFM

Tremendous suction resulting in touch-dry carpets. No detergents left in the carpet, fibres are soft and left as new

Massive 2.5 Inch

Drying Times:
30 Minutes – 3 Hours

Huge amounts of airflow resulting in extremely quick drying times and thus not having any over wetting problems that the Hire and Portable machines can create.

250º - 270º F

Heated constantly to over 250º. For every 18º over 118º the chemical action of the cleaning solution doubles creating a superior cleaning ability that no other machine can match.

100 - 3000 PSI

18 Ltr/Min

Super pressure achieved to get the best results. Enough flow to extract dirt from the worst possible carpets imaginable

30-40 Minutes

Our system is all pre set-up. We have our own pre-treated water onboard, our own environmentally friendly LPG powered machine all ready for quick and efficient use. Providing you with quick but impeccable results.

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