specialist rug Cleaning Services in Barnet

From Indian and Oriental rugs to modern, synthetic rugs, Cleanbright provides a professional rug cleaning service utilising our wide range of products and cleaning techniques.

Full Inspection

Our first point of call is to thoroughly inspect your rug. Firstly, to identify your rugs origin and construction means we can decide on the correct cleaning procedure to achieve the best results. Secondly, we fill out a pre-inspection form where we can make any notes of any pre-existing issues found and discuss the options available.

Dry Soil Removal

Using a commercial grade vacuum, we thoroughly hoover both side of your rug, this will remove the initial dry soils sitting close the surface along with any embedded hairs and debris.

We then place your rug face down on dusting grids ready for the beating machine to be run over the rug, this is a system that gently beats the back of the rug forcing the remaining deep embedded dry and compacted soils out of the rug.

Rug Cleaning


If your rug has an odour or pet stain issue, then this stage is where we treat the offending odour with a solution to neutralise any contaminants and then thoroughly rinse all the contaminates out via our centrifugal spinning machine on a rinse cycle.

Rug Washing

Most rugs will be suitable for full submersion cleaning, this is where the rug will be placed into the rug washing pit filled with treated softened water and then cleaning solution is worked into the rug, agitated mechanically via a rotary machine and repeated on the reverse side for a complete thorough clean.


At this stage all the cleaning has taken place, so it is time to remove all the solutions, soaps and residues out from the rug. We used cold softened water in high volumes and a heavy roller to squeegee all the water out of your rug, this process is repeated several times until the water runs clear.

Rug Cleaning

Spin Dry

The rug is then placed in our centrifuge machine which spins the remaining moisture out of the rug, this speeds up the drying process significantly. This step is a very important part of the drying process as it eliminates any problems usually caused by long drying times.

Grooming and Drying

The grooming process takes place before the rug goes into the drying room, grooming helps to correct the direction of the pile so that all the fibres are all laying in the same direction of the nap, this adds to the finished look of the rug.

The rug is now ready for its full dry procedure, we place the rug in our custom built dehumidified drying room where hot dry air circulates to speed dry the rug in a matter of hours. The rug will either be hung from a rack of laid on a specially built table depending on the construction of the rug.

Once completely dry the rug is bagged up in a protective film and ready to be delivered back to you with our free delivery service.

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